You should never do this in a bookstore


Bookshops are not just shops, not sacred temples of knowledge either or libraries.

They are the special places where you become dependent on smell of fresh ink and new books, harbor of souls who long for spirit of creation and imagination.

Sometimes, quiet places outside time.

That’s where you can make the best of your day, enjoy while waiting for someone, find a long-lost memory.

But you should never ever do something like this:

  • Read, read and read at least 20 pages, per each book you grab.  
  • Touching everything from picture book to the encyclopedia.
  • Yell,  scream to each other.
  • Just asking, while standing at the very doorstep- Where can I eat  the best burger around, where is the nearest plumber shop, until what time the music school across the street is open-because booksellers know everything.
  • How much  this book costs in rivalry bookstore and do they have it over there?
  • Leaving books all around the shop, folding, browsing and returning it on any shelf upside down.
  • Coming with TV recommendation, to pick up a title you don’t know, from the author you never heard before.
  • Ask for recommendations and then roll your eyes on every book you are offered.
  • Proudly telling to the bookseller which books you read 25 years before, so it is obvious you are well educated.
  • If it is sold out, in which other bookstore, you can find it and necessarily why is it sold out?
  • When will Hoseini publish a new book?
  • Retelling new episodes of the GOT.
  • Misspelling the names of the authors, titles and choosing books just by the cover.


  • Choosing books by thickness or weight because you are going to the beach.
  • You are getting mad if booksellers don’t know what was that fuzzy looking book cover with white letters in the window, two weeks ago?
  • You are asking for Pratchett, and you buy Danielle Steell.
  • You would like something like E. A. Poe, but certainly not SF, not contemporary, bloody but not horror.
  • Tell without hesitation that Borges’s short stories are his weakest works
  • Ask for some thriller about bunnies.
  • Giggle while buying erotic novel.
  • Copy recipes from cookbooks.
  • Ask for the dictionary from the highest shelf, check the term you are looking for then return the dictionary.


  • Buy only short editions for the kids, never the whole books.
  • Ask for the picture book for a twelve year old and novel for a five and no, this is not a mistake!


  • You read and read while your kids are running around.
  • Mention that the books are overcome in 21. Century.
  • Without any need, retell the book that another buyer is holding, with every plot and of course the ending.
  • Ask for your own book seller, because these ones don’t know anything.
  • At the entrance, remind everyone that you read only serious literature at this  silly time.
  • After you are being told that the movie is made by the book you are interested in, you decide instantly to watch just the movie. Why reading, if you can watch it?!
  • You invent the plot and demand a book accordingly.
  • You demand from the bookseller to confirm your every statement, asking what did he read, telling him he should be more informed and recommend him what you think is important.

Personas that can recognize themselves here, will never admit that, so there is no opportunity or wish to make any kind of mockery or offends.

There are so many things that you don’t do in a bookshop: you do not enter with food, dirty handed, angry, on the phone, just to buy something awesome in 75s, while you are irregular parked in front of the shop.

But those are the questions of good manners or lack of it and bookstore is not a place for it.

Neither is this article. If you please!

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