What will one month in India do to you?

When you chose to go to India, after so many years of longing for this magical place, you will be stunned. Not delighted, not overwhelmed, not excited, maybe just shocked. Because it surely will not be anything you expected, certainly not what you were imagining and much more than you can bear.

It is just that, you are entering into another world, a different dimension, so even your imagination has to be changed. There is one more thing, if you truly embrace this way of existing, there is no coming back. You will always be enchanted. So from now on,  wherever you are and whatever you do, you will always need a bit more- a bit warmer, a bit more color, a bit louder and certainly everything with a smile. New standards, values that will become life necessities.

You have been to India, that is how it is done over there.

Therefore, this is how it goes… 

∞ ∞ ∞



This is a country of nearly 1,5 billion people. We can say quite a crowd, if we want total understatement. There are people everywhere, mostly you are along with them  on the streets while they are sitting, washing, sleeping, working, selling, just mingling, but always with a smile. Just like that, for no better reason than being happy to see you. And they truly are, if you start talking to them. Because, isn’t  it great to meet and have a few kind words?

Very soon you get used to this, without hesitation. And at home, it will strike you, how little we smile.



In India, everything can wait. And there is absolutely no other way, because time is not everything, it’s not even too relevant. What can happen now, certainly can be done a bit later, tomorrow or on some other occasion. Let it go! You are in a literal, different time zone.

So, while you wait in a restaurant, hotel, train station, do not take waiting so badly. Everything worth waiting will come in its own time. Impatience  if you are having it, is just because you are running on a wrong speed. This an ultimate stress relief, once learned.



Usually this a first impression once you step into Indian soil. No order whatsoever. Traffic, dirt, streets, shops, sounds, smells, buildings, cows, everything are in a complete mess, attacking, choking and rushing right at you. This state of mind is not a mirage, you will rarely find an order that we know. There are too many people, too much poverty and not too much need for neatness. But then again, it’s manageable and very soon we take it as something common and with its own logic and beauty.

Too much order is stressful, being easygoing is natural. This kind of freedom is one we had as children, to come back to it, is a gift.



Considering this, we are somewhat, amateurs. For most of us, faith is a statement, family tradition, way of upbringing, practice, culture, something to distinguish one another. Very rarely a way of life itself, one everyday bases.

In India, they literally live with their gods. Every morning begins with offerings, in temples they bath, change clothes, leave food to the gods and pray with full heart. Ganga is a goddess, it’s enough just to sit on its banks and meditate.

Faith is something close, warm and understanding. What gives hope, releases with no high demands. Having understanding gods, gives opportunity to rejoice and celebrate rather than be intimidated and guilty for being  a sinner. That way, spirituality is becoming a perspective you live, not high demand you try to avoid. And that’s easy to embrace.

Many people come to India just for that spiritual spring. One month is literally nothing for overcoming it, but coming back home, you will find that you have a new habit, if nothing more. Somehow, even just stopping for a while in the good thought  if not to meditate, will become your everyday need.

Bigger than life


India is a place that exists for more or less, from the beginning. There are places, cities that cannot be determined in which historic period they have been created.  Monuments, that are made for eternity, and they hold on in beauty for centuries, with no flaws. Religion gives a new perspective to eternity, death and versatility of life along with their time perspective and  reconciliation with destiny.

And this is a way of existence that gives you a truly positive attitude to every day, not like being the last one, but being today, in full appreciation and all possibilities. Enjoy, celebrate, love – today and in that way build your path to eternity. Death is not a surprise or the end, life changing occasions are not just fearful, everything is part of  a cycle much bigger than you. So, we all know this, but they live it. With no too much fuss.

Truly, there is no way you can take this for granted and just embrace it. Certainly not for just a month. But only observing, gives you a thought that maybe there is something wrong with our perspective. Quite a thought!



Even not seeing it all or much, I can surely say it’s grand. Visiting northern parts, Himalayas  to be exact, took the breath away. Biggest mountains in the world, nevertheless, and that fresh air you can never get enough. After that, Ganga in Rishikesh, green mountain river with white sand shores and some magnetic energy that attracts you. Desert Tar, yellow sand and colorful sunset, dawns on the moles of Pushkar Lake with its white and silver glows and shimmers. Rocky hills on the road around the Monkey temple and bushes where peacocks mingle. At the end, the Ganga river in Varanasi, a place where they say time started. No words to describe it. Go, see it yourself!

What does it mean when you come back home? You will get used to great views if nothing more. So, go for it, find them, there must be somewhere you are.

∞ ∞ ∞

People coming back from India are easy to recognize. They have colorful clothes, mala beads and all kinds of necklaces and bracelets, funny dreads in their hair and lots and lots of happiness on their faces. They are infected with Indian spirit, and it usually goes away after some time.

Usually but not for all… Till next time, Namaste JI!

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