Take a bite!

We live in a world of all tastes. Everything is about what you like, what you can consume, comprehend or digest..

Or who and how you can love, if you want. Is there a difference actually?

Can you look at relationships just like you chose from a menu?

Look to your taste for men, women or both, like something of a sweet tooth, food disorder, special regime or a diet?

Do you like the traditional way of family homemade meals and values or an eclectic mishmash of experimenting with all kinds of cuisines or love making?

Fast food like one night stand versus good old relationship of eating potatoes and roast?

Online dating, something like ordering takeout.

Eating only homemade meals prefer proper dinner and a movie?

Open relationship with no boundaries, for the brave and the lucky ones who can eat with no regrets.

Mamma’s kitchen or gay love? SM like bloody steak?

Let’s see..

Children are usually brought up with domestic healthy food. Nutritious organic products, that will not harm them. Family meals, with full tables, small talks and idyllic warmth. Happily ever after, no candy before dinner, and only if you eat all the veggies.

Bright Lollipop

We keep them away from the truth of contaminated relationships, pesticides in marriages, how babies come or affairs. But they are not stupid like a potato, they can taste the fraud. Sooner or later they will see that chocolate can not mend a broken heart and that vegans and steak lovers are not meant to be.

But we learn. By taking chances. First, by  choosing exactly the opposite what mama told us. Cake before dinner, cute dark boy with bad temper. Or juicy blond with no brains, for after soccer practice. Why not? It’s not like we will stay on that forever. It’s a snack! Our specific way of choosing right flavors comes with time, experience, but most of all, with how brave we are to take chances with the unfamiliar. Some are lucky enough to find right what they like at the beginning. Or not so lucky, if they found out, it is nothing like they want anymore, so they change their routine from roust to raw. But that’s not without stomach ache, be prepared.


But what about a bit unusual cookies?

We all like to watch food channels or the other spicier ones, but can we deal with some of that on our plate? Can you dare to surprise your darling with some tingling hot and shameless dessert? The good old classic dishes are always welcome, but don’t be so boiled.  From time to time, exotic, sticky or whatever you dream of, will not ruin your carefully planned and rehearsed calorie spending. Because, at the end normal is what pleases you. It is so rude to look in else plate. Especially if you will not dare to take a bite!

We can always fake it till we make it!

Online, you can be whoever you want, with almost no regrets. Everything is artificially  flavored, unhealthy and very addictive. Just like junk food, you know it is not good for you, but you cannot refuse. Nevertheless, real meal and that soft touch of another skin, will never come from a plastic.

Forbidden fruit will never come out of fashion too. Just because it’s daring. Open relationships make these recipes easy to enjoy, but be very particular about preparation. It will be instantly ruined if you are jealous, possessive, misguided. Just like a souffle, if you open the oven too soon, it falls into flat nothingness.

And of course, you can have a total bliss when you come around a soul mate who will cook for you an aesthetic feast for all your senses, with the right spices and  a touch of magic. Just like oregano meets pizza, it is love forever!

So, what will you have today?

What ever it is, do not be forced into it, do not swallow just anything, do not lie you like it. Just because it’s already there, doesn’t make it easier,  healthier or tastier. And your life will not start on next Monday, with a diet. Sinfully enjoy, with everything you bloody long for! What you eat or do not eat, can kill you too!

photo credits: STEFANY VALS

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